Custom weather & time when using Group Only

After hours of trial and searching the web I came to the result that it seems impossible to set custom weather settings for a closed group multiplayer session.
While you can modify your weather flying in the “All Pilots” multiplayer option and it is also possible to select from the different weather presets while in a group, it is somehow not possible to select a previously created preset or change the settings of the groups weather.

This should be added! I want to do certain scenarios with friends in a closed group.

After having my first Multiplayer experience in Flight Simulator the other night, one aspects stood out that I thought needed adjustment, the weather controls. Once in multi-player, all you could do is change to “preset” weather scenarios. I am not sure if I was missing something, but it seemed that was the only option available.


  • Make it possible for “host” to fine tune the weather you want in Multiplayer.
  • At the very least, adjusting the cloud layers if other options would be too complicated.

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A lot of folks in here agree with you, it is the sixth most requested item on the wish list.
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Hi and welcome to the forum @Maddin91 . If you create a group, the creator can change the hours and weather for all the other player in that group. For example, if you set snow, at all of the other player in your gruop the weater will automaticly change on snow. The good thinks to do this is that it recreate the cloud exacly whit same shape to all.

To create a group you have to add friends. Then click on their name and “add in a Group”.

Hope you find the answer of your question here.

Thanks for your answer!
Unfortunately, this only works for the weather presets - you can not customise the weather though. Let’s say I want clear sky but a certain wind - this is not possible…

I’m playing with my friends in a group, in a session by ourselves and we can’t change the weather??? Why is it when we are not in a group, we can adjust the time/weather but when we are in a group, we can’t adjust any of these settings so we can all fly together in the same conditions.

I think this should be an important change implemented as let’s be honest, if your flying with friends in conditions you don’t like and you (everyone in the group) wants to change the weather/time, you should be able to, especially in a session which is a group only.

A group should be allowed to have the desirable conditions wanted for their flight.

Last night I tried to test some weather with a friend in my group. We discovered something, we think. We both have the Vertigo turbo prop racer plane. With that plane comes 3 weather conditions for it. Well I wanted to test out the custom weather we had made and tthis is what we found…

My custom weather options were gone except for the Vertigo weathers. This only happened when in a group. Our conclusion is that you may have to share a custom weather file (WPR) with your group so that you can select it in the drop down. We are thinking that if every person in the group has that weather file saved in the proper place you will be able to select it.

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Unfortunatlely this approach does not work. Yesterday I tried this with a friend: I sent him my custom presets and he copied them to his custom weather folder. While the presets were available on his side for single player flying, they were still gone as soon as we were in a group.

Maybe someone has another idea how to make it work?

Not to have this option is really a problem, as live weather has the lighnting problem, and the standard presets are just boring. And the biggest problem: They are always set to 15°C at MSL, which results in unrealistic icing in tropical regions (for example Nepal or Papua…)