Customized HUD in all views

Please add the ability to create and display a basic customized HUD in ALL VIEWS. The user should be able to add the following to their HUD. This HUD should be able to be toggled on and off with a control assignment. The layout of the HUD should be saved with the airplane (different HUDs for different planes). There should be a choice if you just want “plain text” or digital instrument or analog instrument. This “Mini HUD” should adjustable for size and location.

The purpose of the following is not to recreate what you already have in cockpit view, but to allow some basic instrumentation to show in the External and Drone views, to assist the pilot while in those view modes. Also it allows for basic instrumentation on planes that don’t have it like the Ultralight and Vintage/Antique planes

  • altimeter
  • airspeed
  • artificial horizon
  • slip ball
  • rpm(s)
  • vertical speed
  • gear up/down
  • flap position
  • throttle position
  • heading/compass
  • time/clock
  • fuel level

This is something that would be a great addition. I would add a radio altimeter, speed brake setting and any available ILS instrumentation to the list. PLEASE give us a cockpit view WITHOUT the fuselage or instrument panel so we can see all our instrumentation at once.

Perhaps the instruments could be in a window that could be moved and sized.

I’m not suggesting we have the ability to recreate our own instrument panel. In that I fly only single-engine classic/antique/vintage planes it’s a pretty basic set of instruments needed to stay/trim straight and level, coordinated turns, landing speed, etc (see attached).

Currently I’m using a product called “Panel Builder” to get this functionality. But it’s one more product to buy, install, learn, configure, and start up. I’m asking that it be built into MSFS-2020 like it was in MSFS-X.

I love to vote, but I cant because its limited. Thats really frustrating because i play msfs since day 1!

I have trouble with cockpit view.(spatial awareness, reading and interacting with instruments.) My wishlist item would be a customizable HUD. With a template, ‘x’ amount of slots and a set amount of options. Maybe even the ability to choose between digital or analog gauges.(steam)I like seeing the entire IAS range to get a feel for the l/d curve.

I don’t think I need to detail how this would improve the experience. I hate switching back and forth, and if I had a customizable HUD I would probably transition to the cockpit view. I know a cockpit HUD isn’t realistic, but neither is having to choose between seeing the instruments or outside the plane. I also remember the full HUD debacle, but if you’ll recall, the main issue was that you left out the option of disabling the aforementioned HUD.

At least a manifold pressure exterior HUD option, (like stacking by default on top of tach) and an AOA indicator in the cockpit, but that’s pretty specific, and not gonna fit everyone’s needs.

I’m not a coder or Dev. , but this seems doable to me.