Customized HUD

Is it possible to configure different instruments and locations of instruments in the HUD, or is it “hard coded”? Can I have analog instruments where I want them.?

Sorry to have to post another novice question here, but I only do so after extensive searching for the answers on Google and YouTube.

Note: Simplugins Panel Builder provides a way to have an instruments “HUD”, but not in VR mode, and at the cost of $55, which is almost the cost of MSFS in the first place.

As far as I know you can turn it either on or off, also the term Head Up Display (HUD) is poorly chosen, this is a HUD:


Hi nijntje,what aircraft are they on and where is the switch at to turn it on,thanks,corcky37ps refering to msfs 2020

Are you talking about the in-cockpit simulated HUD on the 787, for example, or the instrument overlays in the external camera views?

In neither case can they be customized to my knowledge. There might be mods that allow it, however.

Maybe the 787 has one? I don’t have that one in my package so not sure.

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