CYCG Castlegar WU11 cars next to airport out of control

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Vehicular traffic next to the airport is sliding back and forth; all vehicles are facing improper directions while driving

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ICAO or coordinates (DevMode > Options > Display position)


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Spawn at CYCG and look at the road behind the tower.

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This is actually a widespread bug. I have noticed it on many highways and roads, especially highway onramps. The vehicles enter the highway sideways and then rotate to the right way as they enter the highway

This one is more noticeable because the fence that is between the tower and road prevents larger vehicles like the trailer truck from rotating. Also this occurs at a newly promoted handcrafted airport for Canada WU11.

I was taking off at EGCB Manchester… and I saw busy traffic going thru the runway!

It varies from plane to place. On long stretches of road, motoroways and the like, it doesn’t look too bad. Where it starts to fall down is bridges, intersections, roundabouts etc.

I think the objective for this traffic was to give some colour to the world. make it feel alive. Its accuracy, on a global scale, might be a tall order.