D18S Twin Beech Fuel Gauges Reading Incorrectly

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When fully fueled the main tank fuel gauges read ~8/10 full and the aux tanks read ~2.5/10 full. They both should read 10/10 full since the fuel gauge is measure in tenths, not gallons or liters. By this same effect, the default 50% readings are also incorrect. They should be 5/10 for each tank. The selector switch is where the capacity is indicated 78 and 25 gallons respectively for mains and aux. It is up to the pilot to do the mental math when determining how many tenths of a tank are left in terms of gallons.

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Enter cockpit, open weight and balance dialog box, fuel the tanks to 100% and 50% and observe fuel tank levels on the fuel gauge.

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Xbox Series X

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On the ground or in the air ?

Very, very good point. This was on the ground – taildragger. I need to check in the air.

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Ground or air (level flight) – same issue. It reads exactly the same, so even that is incorrect.

The inaccuracies you mention were typical of the real D-18s I flew.

So the aux tanks would show around 2.5 tenths (out of 10/10) when they were full?

(and you’re killing me that you flew these in real life. Be still my heart!)

Sorry, I don’t recall exactly–been too long. I just recall that they were pretty inaccurate, and we flew three of them and they all read differently. Some were more accurate and others weren’t. You could adopt the attitude that ‘well, that’s just how they were’ and watch your fuel accordingly. I reckon that’s what we did.

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Fuel gauges in most acft are horribly inaccurate. pilots were taught to manage fuel with a stopwatch and a flow gauge