DA 62 oscillating when turning

Has anybody flown DA62 lately? With the newest mod it rocks when turning, . I just had an approach it rocked like cradle on the glide slope…

I think it’s better to report it to the developer here directly:

I just flew this one yesterday and had zero issues. Do you also have the latest G1000 mod installed?

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Dunno, I tested the autopilot with a 30knot gusting crosswind and it was locked on

Did you try turning on AP? When it oscillates on a curve the flight director on the PFD oscillates then followed by the aircraft. It’s been happening almost all the times. By the way I didn’t turn on the ECU voter switches, because I didn’t feel any difference it made. I’ll give a shot tomorrow Do you think that can make a difference?

Yes it’s in my community folder

What do the ECU voters have to do with the autopilot?

Then I have no idea. I’ll capture the behavior with video

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