DA 62 Red cross on Display

DA 62 with improvement DA62Xv0.6_CUIF, and without improvement, appears Red cross on display

Update G1000NXi to latest version .

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I updated and still have this issue…

If I remember correctly, they said that this plane (among others) had problems with the latest version G1000NXi

If todays version isnt working for you, I have no idea what the cause of the issue is on your DA62, sorry.

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Works fine here.

Posted on the WT Discord site:

@everyone, we apologize, but there’s a bug with new v0.10.0 NXi package that launched on the Marketplace this evening that impacts three aircraft – specifically, the startup sequence related to electrical circuits on the DA62, the Caravan and the PC-6. On these aircraft there will be red X and shading over several components of the PFD along with the AHRS alignment message.

If you fly these aircraft, we recommend not updating to v0.10.0 of the NXi just yet. Other G1000 equipped aircraft behave as expected.

We apologize for this and a fix will be forthcoming, we’ll update here with more details as we work it out. Thanks for your patience.

I knew that I had read it somewhere

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That is not the latest update.

That update has been updated…check your content manager.