DA62 Avionics

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The Avionics Master switch in the DA62 cockpit is in the “on” position in a “dark & cold” cockpit. Which clicked on the switch highlights but does not cycle to the off position. This is possibly why the PFD & MFD’s remain blank/black?

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just open aircraft and fly

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ms store

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Unable to repro - this is my Cold & Dark in the DA62. I can turn it on and off and position is respected, using either a Mouse Click or my hardware controller mapped to the switch command.

Chances are good you have a controller binding that is switching it On without your intervention.

I’ll give that a go.

I eliminated some bindings from the keyboard profiles to no avail. But I have observed something else, when I select the batteries and other electrical switches to on, the MFD actually goes black, not the “off” very light gray. Whereas the PFD stays grey.

Try unplugging all your hardware controls, use only keyboard and mouse. Use CTRL-E to bypass any odd bindings. If it starts up correctly, you know it’s a controller issue.

Hi there, no joy with disconnecting controls. I have deleted the Asobo_DA 62 files from onestore, and all Garmin and related working title files from the community. Restarted and reloaded. Even when the aircraft is in the hangar under the profile settings, the switch is still in the “on” position. Is there anything else i.e. a config file that maybe corrupted or read only?

Not that I can think of. Well, check the Main Menu options for Assistance settings, and the same thing in cockpit from the toolbar.

Resolved! after eliminating every scrap of DA62-related files, no matter where or what, the system reloaded and everything is working fine. Thanks for all the suggestions.