DA62X Improvement Mod (v0.6.2, JAN 07)

When the mouse used to hover over a control you would see a description of what the control does and the current status of that control, on/off or increase/decrease.
Now you only see the description…in VR it’s helpful to have the control status indicated as the lack of clarity sometimes prevents you from seeing the position of the control.

Also which should we use with the DA62 garmin 1000 or garmin 1000nxi?

Is it also a problem on the default 62 or just the mod? They changed the way those work and I have a mix inbetween old and new. Ive had those things turned off since day 1. I’ll take a look.

Not sure, the NXi doesnt have engine pages and crashes, and the range knob is broken on 0.4

Thank you, very informative!
I’ve not read that small strip at the bottom of the Flightsim.to page before but now I’ve found it. I know, I know, I’m not proud of this… :slight_smile:

I am having the same issue. I have tried changing co-pilot model to no avail.

I miss my co-pilot.

Its kinda hidden and always moving. They seam to change the layout of the website every month

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Yeah, these tooltips changed with the latest Update where they introduced the new “lock” interaction method. You can switch back to “legacy” in the options but I don’t know if that also changes the tooltips back. I think you have to lock on the control to see the status, so not just hover over it but click and hold left mouse button to lock onto it.

There is this post where you can find all kinds of infos, tipps and tricks about the cockpit interaction method:

Not all official materials are encrypted, only the Premium/Deluxe content so yes, it can be checked. As it’s general addition I don’t expect it to be encrypted.

After that, I got co-pilot visible when I reload the aircraft from DevMode>AircraftSelector.
He is invisible again after I reboot the simulator.
I can’t find out what happens, but I guess that something will interrupts loading of co-pilot model.


Can you please provide the 4.2.1 for download agin for me?
“Alternators and fuel valves are on when starting from cold and dark” - why did you do this?

no, why? Whats wrong with that? Its not in the shutdown checklist, so they would still be on from the previous flight

I like to start the DA62 by hand :wink:
The AV MAster switch is now also on by default. I know from real aircraft that they are generally only turned on when the engines are running.
It would be nice if you could send me version 4.2.1 again

no idea why the avionics bus is on… weird

Sorry, not sending it to you

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may i ask why you guys care so much about the pilot and copilot?

the only to ive ever used them is for the screenshot on flightsim.to


Is there any place where I can download version 4.2.1?

Other than when taking off, landing, and performing other significant maneuvers, I fly most of the time in an outside view to enjoy the scenery (which I can see much better in an outside view). And seeing a co-pilot adds to the immersion. IRL my wife is my co-pilot, so I imagine that’s her sitting there next to me.

I spend very little time inside an aircraft when flying low and slow :sunglasses:

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may I ask why you don´t want to send me a link to download the prior Version?

I’m not the dev but if it were me: I wouldn’t want to run the risk of having to support multiple versions on the forums and elsewhere. I’d want to know that the vast majority of users were on the latest version before troubleshooting, and would probably even make that a requirement to offer support. He might have other reasons, but that’s my own take.


I don‘t want any support, I only want to roll back to a version that worked fine for me. My mistake that I delete the last version :slightly_frowning_face:

If i give one person special service, then i have to give everyone special service.

you can always edit the .flt files yourself. In theAppron.flt file you can find the lines