Daher 930 cockpit

So I fly the daher tmb 930 and am thinking of building a cockpit…
What do I need

Time and money :slight_smile:

Fine italian leather… Carbon fiber…

Pls report your expect cockpit vision,

then you can receive better answers.

I am thinking the same. It appears that nobody is making modules for the TBM as unlike the B737 where module information is readily available.
I have a real B727 landing gear lever assy but it is a little big for anything, but looks good

Saw them many to TBM,

but 3 years ago as answer to XP11 Toto’s great TBM. I also need to say that stock tbm with wtt addon I like so much and also does not same crashes frequently as that one in xp11.

I’d say get yourself a 3d printer after looking at these:

As for the autopilot panel, I’m sure I’ve seen something buildable, but I’ll need to track it down

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@MacNeil67 Thanks for that info. Looks interesting. Have downloaded the pack.

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