Daher Kodiak 100 - Sudden Engine Shutdown for no Reason

Hello all.

I have begun experiencing this issue abruptly on September 12th. There was no update or change to the game that could have caused it. All engine parameters are confirmed to be GREEN and within POH limitations prior to taxi. The engine is not restartable afterwards.

1. Muffled bang heard from engine compartment.
2. All engine parameters (Ng, Np, FF, ITT) decrease to pre engine start condition (0).
3. Engine visibly stops. Starter rotates propeller but applying fuel does nothing.

0. Load the flight.
1. Master switch ON, Avn Master switch ON.
2. Wait until all tests are OK and AHRS is aligned.
3. L/R fuel valves ON.
4. Firewall fuel shutoff pushed DOWN.
5. Aux fuel pump ON.
6. Ignition switch ON.
7. Starter set to LO/MOTOR.
8. When Ng stabilizes, fuel condition lever to LOW IDLE.
9. When engine stabilizes, starter OFF, ignition switch OFF.
10. RPM lever to MAX.
11. When engine stabilizes, aux fuel pump OFF.
12. Generator and Alternator ON.
13. Set lighting appropriately.
14. Request VFR or IFR and begin taxi. Proceed with flight.

1. Before engine start.
2. During engine start.
3. After engine start.
4. During taxi.
5. During takeoff and climb.
6. During cruise.

So essentially, this aircraft became unflyable suddenly and with no knowable cause. If this is a problem with the engine startup procedure, I have absolutely no clue what causes it or where I am messing up.

Airports at which startup was attempted, over and over again for two days straight:

  • PHTO
  • SEQM
  • SEGU
  • CYKZ

If anything, perhaps there is someone here with knowledge of exactly what conditions can cause an engine failure of this sort on the Kodiak 100 within the sim.

Thank you for your help, to whomever replies.

I believe there is another thread that covers this issue. You may need to search for it.

I don’t remember the cause unfortunately, but I know it’s not something I’ve ever seen myself.

If you start from the runway, ready for takeoff, does it do it for you then?

Thank you for the pointer - I actually made this post specifically because forum search terms related to this issue did not provide working results or relevant threads.

I recall making two flights started from runway:

  1. PHTO. Accelerated to 110kn on takeoff and made high-bank, high rate sustained turn at approx 100kn. Engine broke. If the Kodiak 100 has some sort of compressor stall condition at high AOA or simulates engine failures of this sort, this may indicate whether or not this failure should have happened.

  2. PHTO. Did normal flight from runway. Nothing happened for around 5-10 minutes until I went back to menu on my own terms.

I searched for “kodiak engine blown”, and found a single thread:

A full MSFS reinstall oflr just the Kodiak ?

It wasn’t my post but I assume the plane only.

Why not ask SWS? The detailed nature of the first post is almost over the threshold (I’ll argue it did cross over) of No Tech Support requirement in the MSFS Third Party forums?

Not sure if im too late . Just rename the kodiak aircraft “state.CFG.” file .(it will build a new file), under the correspondent variant.(i.e. cargo pod, wheeled etc.) the file should be found here:


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Did you mean delete the state cfg?