Daily live weather outage & online services monitoring

In news and announcements we now have an online services monitoring post for quick reference to see if the are any outages which is undoubtedly a great idea.

I was wondering though if it is going to reflect the fact that there is an ongoing daily outage from 23:00 to 00:12 UTC which has occurred for the past month or so and appears set to continue without explanation or advise? Given that the post must manually be updated by the mods when there’s an outage perhaps there should be a note about this regular occurrence?

It does reference it, but it references incorrect times:

My experience as you say has been an outage from 23:00-00:12UTC, not from 0000z lasting only a few minutes as it states.


Ahah. I didn’t see that they added that comment 19H ago. Possibly others wont either if just checking for the green lights.

Yeah unless you scroll all the way down it can be easily missed.

The times referencing that daily outage are incorrect anyway.

We will double check on this time and update the post accordingly with accurate times tomorrow. Thanks for the feedback on it!


Great idea for a quick reference game state!
Appreciate the effort(s) it must take to stay on top of.

Any way to put this as the forum header, so it’s the very first thing people see, before they start to post?

The statement “The service will return to normal status after a few minutes” is very misleading. The outage is exactly 72 minutes long, which I consider to be more than a “few minutes”.

Based on its regularity for the past weeks, one can count on downtime during that named timeframe, except of course, when the weather was down for several days.

I don’t know if it would be helpful to state the outage only affects users trying to start the simulation between 2300Z and 0012Z. If the user is in the sim prior to this period, they are not affected during the outage period.

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Can Asobo explain why this 72 minute outage on daily basis is acceptable?

Since days online player nearby disappear when you get closer or the weather pop up to live. So is not really fixed and the monitoring dont show the truth.

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