I believe Asobo needs to improve de damping effect of all the aircrafts as landing is the most unrealistic thing that the simulator has…

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Don’t agree with the lack of landing realism and what kind of damping are you talking about?
And how is this related to the SDK?

Moved into #community:general-discussion-feedback for further discussion. The #sdk-discussion:aircraft is more for discussion of modifying aircraft with the Software Development Kit (SDK).

I find landings are fine, and I’m not exactly Biggles.

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As a complete guess I would imagine your issues, which you might want to elaborate on, could be cleared up with a lot of practise, as well as reviewing your flight controls. If you don’t have a high spec yoke/joystick/rudder pedals you may improve your experience with tweaking the response curves.

Another tip that may help others to help you is to add something to your profile that shows what hardware you are using. if you click on my name, it will give you a portion of my setup. This would help others so they don’t have to ask what CPU you have, or which joystick you are using, that sort of thing.

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