Dangerous Landings - Lukla, Nepal

Interested in flying VFR into Tenzing Hillary Airport? Just uploaded my first VFR instructional video for flying from Tumlingtar to Lukla, Nepal. Nice short 15 minute flight up to a cruise altitude of 13,000’


Nice! Now try it it in heavy fog with low frame rate :smile:

It’s more like playing fs 4.0 this way

Very cool! Thanks to synthetic vision. You stopped just in time!

I had to make sure to get on top of the hill. I stopped too soon another time and the Bonanza didn’t have enough power to taxi up that slope at that altitude!

It looks much better in clear weather. So pretty!

Well researched flight, excellent video and flawless execution. Thank you.

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Thanks for sharing this. I found it very informative & can’t wait to smack the side of that mountain several times as I attempt it myself. I subbed & hope to see more content like this in the future. Are you using any scenery mods here, or is that default?

Thanks very much. Great that you will try this landing. Get the plane trimmed up early at your approach speed. Nice and easy to touch down. You have to flare a little extra due to the runway slope. Thanks for the sub!

Thanks for watching. I try to put informative content into the videos to make them entertaining.

Nice VFR video!

One day, synthetic vision IMC approaches will be safe and legal. Good thing the IMC approach isn’t an instructional video. Can you spell CFIT?

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Thanks for watching. So important to stay well ahead of the airplane when executing controlled flight into terrain.

Which I hope you’re NOT doing! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Controlled_flight_into_terrain

I’ll stick with good weather and VFR over reliance on synthetic vision in bad weather. Simulator is great training though. Cheers!