Dark instrument panel?

Cessna 152. Is there a switch for panel lights? Trying to do a training task and the instruments are in the dark. Is there some remedy?

I don’t believe the stock 152 has instrument lights (Just the overheard). I know the JPLogistics mod introduced adjustable lighting (I get it isn’t available on XBOX) just not sure if stock ever got upgraded.

Is the flashlight available on xbox?

Well, the default command is ALT-L for a handheld (or perhaps headband mounted) flashlight effect. So it might work if you use a keyboard on the console?

Noting a gotcha - on PC Flashlight is specifically LALT-L. I struggled for a while with binds because I was trying only RALT-L.

edit: just tested in stock C-152, the overhead lights may be the best available:

On my Xbox I do not have a keyboard so a alt-l isn’t possible. Do I need to buy a keyboard to solve this. How do you turn on the cockpit light on Xbox on the Cessna?

Click the red switch I circled for batteries. Click the white switch I circled for this red light.

Thank you will give it a try tonight.

And that’s it, much appreciated!

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