Darkstar - Bounced landing with good reaction

I feel good about this as well. I don’t do audio but I said aloud when I bounced: “Oh what a bounce?” and my response I feel was professional and managed to land accordingly.

The Darkstar is a very wonky aircraft; it sort of feels like they used some F-18 flying physics but not quite. A good example of a plane that just lifted the F-18’s physics is the B-21, it flies like crud. The Darkstar is pretty refined giving the pilot an immersive experience in an otherwise non-existent plane. I’ve been documenting my adventures for building a repertoire of how to fly this aircraft.

To manage the bounce I focused on maintaining centerline on the runway and did the following:

  • Managed centerline with the rudder only, very little roll and I didn’t adjust my pitch. I was afraid more of over correction than anything else.
  • Throttled back
  • Reengaged the spoilers (which take a moment).

The reason for throttle back and spoilers is that I’ve found with the Darkstar it’s best to come into the touch down with a modest rotation up (not more than 10 degree up pitch) and a throttle up and spoilers off.

The reason for this is to try and drop that ~2,000 feet a minute vertical speed to something like ~500.

To be fair, I should have already been at about 1,000 vertical speed a minute but I had a tail wind and wasn’t very experienced with tail winds which I know reduces lift and forces you to use more power to stay from stalling. So given everything, I’m very pleased with the result since I “learned something” and applied it calmly.

Here’s some screenshots of the flight: