Darkstar challenge

Hello everyone,
Could someone tell me how the stratoreactor is activated in Darkstar plane in Top Gun Challenge? Thanks.

Please search that, there is lots
Of info available already.

More than 40.000 feet
More than 3 Mach
Press the 4 squares (Scram power)
Enable Scram Engines

Thank you for this mate. Didn’t know how to enable the scramjet.

Found this yesterday - it’s a quick primer on getting “faster than a speeding bullet.”

Thanks for the info. Microsoft is always very sparing in explanations.

Hi, thanks for the info above,

I found that using the objectives Menu is the only way I would have completed this challenge!
It was quite exciting near the end, My landing was was like a nodding bird but after 35mins flying, I was determined to land on the runway.
I switched off the Generators as soon as the Scram jets were engaged as I did run out of fuel or kill all the engines as on previous runs. Then switch back on at Mach 4 below 50,000ft.

You should have enough fuel to reach your destination. Perhaps you exceeded 120,000 feet or drifted off the GPS course and that caused the excess fuel consumption.
It is not necessary to previously open the Scram valves. When activating the Scram switch, they automatically come into operation.

It’s called a scramjet and you activate it by pressing the fuel cell switch and then the scramjet switch. I somehow lost my image.