Darkstar - Chasing the Sun

“Professional Dark Star Pilot” - Wanting to share what the Darkstar is really capable of; demonstrating that it can be flown as if professionally and not just as a gimmick.

In today’s video I show a nearly full banked turn. If I had to grade the turns I’d say this is an 90degree turn, because for reasons you can bank into partial inversion to get an even stronger turn or control your vertical speed. So it’s 90degrees because I rolled 90degrees.

The Darkstar is such a powerful plane that I took off from Fallon NAS and you can see that by the time I am banking toward my flight vector I’m already over the Channel Islands. This is just 13 minutes into the flight.


  • Aft Fuel Pump off which preserves aft fuel and keeps CG where I want it in fllight.
  • Full aft Yoke to control angle of attack into turn.
  • Throttle back for cruising altitude.

Don’t forget to watch the end from 6:20 onward for a beautiful sun rising from the west - Just another day flying the Darkstar