Darkstar Flameout

After transitioning from scramjet back to conventional flight, I keep getting a flameout after 5 or so minutes (below FL400). I still have at least 20% fuel. Tried all combinations of switches (fuel cell, engine/generator). Didn’t have this problem in the Top Gun challenge, only in a flights I “built”.

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Sounds familiar. Not sure if it matters whether you fly the darkstar hyper-, super-, or subsonic. I had the the engines flaming out well before the fuel ran out flying hypersonic several times. This occurred even with high fuel values using a high endurance speed, where fuel flows’ get
reduced drastically.

I had the same issue but if you have a peak at the fuel tab at the top (in my case) there was still feul, but only in the scramjet tanks, as soon as I filled up the normal tanks everything went back to normal.
Hope this helps :slight_smile: