Darkstar - Unplanned landing...feeling proud

I feel proud of this landing because my guidelines/waypoints were not setup for this airport. The planned flight was to take off from the Marine Base Oahu to do a supersonic shot to Hawai’i Big Island, exit supersonic, then get 180 and come back supersonic and land at departure base.

Instead I kinda messed up the supersonic and ended up wasting the fuel and so decided why not try an unplanned landing at Hilo?

  • I checked the map.
  • I confirmed the runway’s heading using the ILS course from the in-game map.
  • I back azimuths’d it for my approach heading.
  • Then I over shot it some and saw out my window that I was wrong about PHTO’s geographical location. Corrected my approach using the river terrain feature.
  • Managed to land. All very advanced for me…a lot of moving parts to keep track of.

Here’s some screenshots of the flight.