Database for 3rd party developer aircraft to show in Multiplayer

When flying in multiplayer, if you see another user flying in an aircraft that you don’t own or have liveries installed for they appear as a generic, low detail Bonanza or Mooney or something. I’m guessing if you have that plane or livery installed on your computer you would see the plane/livery in the sim someone else is actually flying instead of the low detailed generic model?

What if MS/Asobo created a database that aircraft models and livery files could be uploaded to by developers that would be native to the simulator so that everyone could see the actual plane or livery someone else is flying, without having to own or have installed locally on their computer. It would be a great way to add some real variation to what people see in the world and a great way to advertise payware products in sim. It could even require approval before being added by a moderator to ensure only quality models and liveries make it into the sim.

Just a thought.

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