DC-3 and Grumman Goose throttles drop to idle when tail wheel comes up!

Is this a bug? Downloaded the 40th Anniversary update this week and went straight to the DC-3. Everything appears OK until the tail wheel comes up and you need to apply a bit of rudder to keep it straight. Applying the tiniest bit of rudder and or Elevator causes the throttles drop back to idle. It is possible to keep the throttles up, but this requires constant input (pushing them up). Also … at times, during take off, the throttles will jump up and down in the gate very erratically. These issues occur with the Grumman Goose also. Does NOT occur with the Ryan or the Beaver, so I’m thinking this has something to do with twin or multi-engine props? No problems with the Beechcraft though, or other msfs twin props.

Replicated this issue at various locations worldwide. If launched mid-air, throttles work perfectly.
Problem occurs with various controllers … so probably not hardware-specific.

The only third-party addons installed are UK-related scenery, but as I said, the Ryan and the Beaver both work perfectly.

Technical Specs:
Ryzen 7 5800X
Graphics - Radeon RX6600XT 8GB RAM
MSFS installed on dedicated SSD

Saitek/Logitech Flightyoke/Pedals or Cyborg EVO Joystick

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Further to my initial post …

I can confirm that this issue is confined to land-based take-offs. The Grumman throttles behave correctly while performing a take-off from water.