DC-3 fuel pumps dont work if the model will be moved

This is critical issue according me, you cant start engines from cold and dark

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no any mods for DC-3

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If you use MSFS pushback option (LShift + X) fuel pumps dont work (they work without it) so… you cant start engines from cold and dark, the same if you use SLEW mode - this is a serious problem if you move the plane in any way

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Pushback problem in DC-3:

Slew problem in DC-3:

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go with DC-3 to parking place (cold and dark start), move your plane by SLEW option (Y in MSFS) or use PUSHBACK option (LShift + X). If you do this you cant start engines from cold and dark because suddenly fule pumps stop working (you cant turn it on), no sound also. Critical issue according to me, because with such a large plane, pushback or slew option needs to be used often :frowning:

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all fullfiled

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I thought pushback was SHIFT-P. Does it work better if you use that?

I have this:

but honestly it doesn’t matter because you can use Shift+P or save it as a button on the joystick, the effect is the same, the fuel pumps stop working and you can’t turn them on, the same like in slew mode.

FYI. I saw that AH (developer) did few patches for his differents model in this week, so I hope we will see soon the patch for DC-3 as well! :blush:

You should try to remove any mods at all and try this again, not just DC-3 related mods. Vanilla sim only and try again… if it works, it’s some mod. It can be something entirely unrelated even a livery for another plane altogether or some airport grounds mod like toolbar pushback etc.

Disable all mods and addons including airports etc and see if it continues. Can’t seem to replicate this on a vanilla install.

For reference, I once had a single bad airport I purchased in Norway that broke all ground services at every airport in the world until I identified it was that one airport and removed it, so it can happen even with unrelated addons.

Let us know how it goes!

The team wasn’t able to replicate this. Starting cold and dark, then doing a pushback - both engines started. Assure all mods are removed even those that are not related to the DC3.

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