DC-3 supercharges dont work

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Supercharged dont give any effect on high alitude as it is in the manual (or it was in the other sim like it was before in the same model (P3D version). Looks like kind of issue or maybe it wasnt implemented here.

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I did few test on high altitudes but no any changes if supercharges will ob on or off.
Engines run the same all the time and no extra boost if supercharges are on.
I checked it above 15,000 ft when there should be a nice effect of turning on the supercharges. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work here.

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all fulfilled

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If im reading the placard right in the aircraft it doesnt work at all because high blower is disabled. It should be in low to start, but there is a little red notice saying the supercharger is disabled. I dont think thst superchargers are even in the sim at the moment unless something changed. Every aircraft thst has them has had to have that homebrewed.