DC-3 Swap OBS Compass Rose Selector Switch is Toggling NAV Compass Light

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In the DC-3, when the instrument panel lights are illuminated, the NAV compass is not lit unless you flip the “Swap OBS Compass Rose” switch. This turns the instrument’s light on, but also prevents using the instrument, because it needs to be set the other way to use the compass with NAV1. Also note that with the lighting on, the instrument is unable to be read, because the indicator needles aren’t lit. (It’s rather unclear what this selector switch is actually meant to do. Its tool tip labels its states as on or off rather than describing which compass rose you’re adjusting. Furthermore, when it is set to the left, rotating the left OBS knob actually manipulates the accompanying HSI. When set to the right (as needed for the lighting) rotating the right OBS knob only spins the compass rose, which is meaningless without the HSI also showing course deviation)

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Turn on panel lights on pilot eyebrow panel. Observe NAV compass (CDI?) instrument. Toggle “Swap OBS Compass Rose” switch. Observe lighting turn on/off.

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Xbox Series X

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Is this happening in the classic or retrofit variant? Or both?

I’ve only flown the classic, so I can only confirm this is happening on it.