DC-6 by PMDG not working at all for me

I am running into issues adjusting the gns 430 in flight…crashed my computer.

That would be because the gust lock is still engaged. I would highly recommend following at least the included tutorial 1 pdf and/or watching some of the tutorials on the PMDG youtube channel before trying to fly. The AFE will handle much of what needs to be done automatically, but you do have to at least know how to use him.

Unfortunately, that is Asobo code. I’d recommend installing the GNS 430/530 mod to see if that fixes the problem. That mod adds a bunch of functionality so it is worth running regardless. Also, PMDG just released an update to the aircraft (2.027), so make sure you have upgraded.

Flipping on the superchargers for all four engines seemed to work for me.