DC-6 Causing crash to DT

First …I LOVE this plane …so beautifully modeled BUT,
The 8 out of 10 times Ive flown her it crashed to desktop. I can fly any other plane with no problems.
I dont have multiplayer on
All drivers are up to date.
Win 10
Ryzen 3700 8 core
Radeon RX 5700 XT
32 gig

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It is a know issue and they are working on a fix

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@DDGD82 as @Cyclone62 mentioned it is a known issue, the devs have suggested turning off multiplayer traffic as a temporary fix.

This didn’t quite do it for me and I was still expereincing CTD’s (my first ever), the last thing I did was turn off traffic as well and change airport and that also seemed to allow me to run it for a while - as with everything real life stopped me testing which one of those two allowed it to work.

I imagine there is a problem when the DC-6 is shown as either traffic or multiplayer. Try those and see how you get on. :slight_smile:


Also remember to turn online functionality completely off. Im currently testing which liveries seem to cause issues, as yesterday everything worked but now with livery change i get CTDs again.

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I´m having the same issues. Almost never had CTDs with MSFS, after installing the DC-6 I can´t finish most of my flights, most of the time I get CTDs before taking off. Disabling multiplayer and traffic didn´t seem to help.

It is a wonderful plane, but I will ground it for a while until the patch comes.

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today did some testing, at least the dutch airline livery seems to work, (b model) all others that i’ve tested result in CTD. try to fly with that and see if you get crashes.

Thank you, I´ll try that one and see what happens!

Most of the time I was using PanAm livery (B)

yeah, i tried PanAm too today, constant crashing. then just switched to KLM and everything worked smoothly after that. Completed a 4.5hour flight with no issues.

Thank you for your tip! Just did a 3 hour flight with no ctds!!!

Glad to help fellow pilots in need :slight_smile:

It is caused by other DC6 traffic, static or multiplayer. If you see another DC6 the sim crashes, it is an issue they are working on. For now turn off all static and multiplayer traffic.

Static offline traffic also causes the crash, we discorvered it the hard way.

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Do you think that turning multiplyer off and/or using only generic plane models (in both online and offline/AI) would help? I was not using generic models and had my plane diversity set to “ultra”.


I turned everything off, multiplayer, AI traffic and I am not even using generic models, that solved the issue for me and a friend!

Did some more testing, another CTD with the KLM livery too, gotta try to see what settings i still had turned on that could cause the crash…

Don´t forget to turn off all airport planes on the “traffic” tab of the general menu!

All of those were already off :confused: Only thing i can come up with that changed from my previous flight was that i disconnected my internet connection midflight and about an hour later when i came back to my pc it had crashed some time after the disconnect. Thought it shouldnt affect anything ingame since i was totally offline anyways.

Well, I do hope that PMDG will fix it on the patch, that is due to be released very soon!

I usually fly with multiplayer off, and text-to-speech (Azure) disabled. I use live traffic only, and live weather. I have tried two liveries: the default PMDG livery on the DC-6B and the United livery.

The default livery has never caused a CTD. The United has caused two on the ground only; never during a flight.

Too little data to tell really, but it may be after “update Tuesday” when MS pushed out a bunch of Windows “fixes.” We’ll see how the rest of the week goes…

Well , with this lastest update 2.0.28 im having CTD again!..
the one before that seemed to have resolved it .
But now CTD on almost every flight.
Sure hope the fix it soon