DC-6 Death Dive

Hi Simmers, I need some help here! My DC-6 just takes a dive to the right or left soon after take-off, and I mean it’s VIOLENT! What am I doing wrongly?

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Go to “Options” / “Flight Model”, set to “Modern”.

I am already using the modern.

The DC-6 will not follow a flight plan. It doesn’t matter whether I have the current AIRAC loaded or not.

Are you using the AFE to make sure you have appropriate power settings?

I have seen this 2 times out of maybe 100 flights.

The only solution I found was not to use the gyropilot or restart the flight.

I also believe it depends on wether you start cold and dark or with the AFE.

The AFE will follow the right checklist, but if you do cold & dark there might be a step that goes wrong

Yes, using the AFE for the power settings and everything.

But what about the flight plan? It just won’t fly one. I have tried engaging and disengaging the gyropilot…

I didn’t used to have this problem.

Mabye that’s new, I haven’t flown it for a few weeks.

Have you asked over at the PMDG forum? It’s their job to provide information wether this a known bug or not.

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I had this problem once. Gyro pilot go wild. I could not turn it on. After restarting flight everything came back to normal…

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i think you have missed the locking mechanism of the throttle.If 2 engines are more or less power than the other 2,then the dive starts

Are you sure? I thought differential thrust wasn’t modelled.

huh? It even has the thrust differential which u must disengage it in order for all thrusters to be in sync

Had the same problem but followed the tutorials from PMDG ON YT and now it’s a fantastic plane to fly. The AFE needs to set the throttles for take off and at 100kts it will lift itself off the runway. Don’t climb more than 400ft /min or it will stall and turn to the left and dive. Watch the videos.


what ? there is NO WAY it lifts in 100kts ! It needs at least 120kts
With 100kts no runway is enough

Rotation speed is dependent on weight. Past 87,000 pounds you’ll need to do a wet takeoff.

It is rare to rotate much past 108-110 kts; just past 100 kts is more normal.

(This is covered in the excellent manual provided with the DC-6.)

Make certain you have 20 degrees of flaps set, and establish a positive rate of climb (at least 300 fpm) prior to gear up. Hold the aircraft at 400 to 500 fpm and retract the flaps to fifteen degrees. Establish a minimum of 115 KIAS before retracting to ten degrees. At that point you should pretty easily pass though 120 KIAS climbing toward 125 KIAS and a rate of climb of >500 fpm. At that point you can retract the final ten degrees of flaps. Be prepared to apply gentle back pressure on the yoke to not fall below 200 to 300 fpm climb, and let airspeed settle in at 140 KIAS before reducing power to 38" and 2400 rpm. Establish a climb speed of 160 KIAS.

Once you’ve got 160 KIAS showing and a 800 to 1000 fpm steady rate of climb you can engage the Gyropilot. I’m usually at 2500’ to 3000’ above runway elevation before I set up the Gyropilot and begin the first leg of my flight plan.

Complete reinstall might be the thing to try. I was having the same issue, along with the ‘single engine randomly overspins / random engine shutdowns / general SU5 fun’ issues people have been talking about.

After reinstall a default livery flight worked fine. Will work through my favorite add-ons to see if they’re working now as well.

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It seems to be modelled in the vanilla Da62. If I push forward on one engine only (or forget to start one) then I turn.
I’ve never checked it in the air though so…

Same for me after SU5 update but reinstall fixed it. I’m not currently using addon liveries unless specified they are SU5 confirmed.