DC-6 OnAir Checkride

Anyone been successful for this - any tips!

Maintaining 4000ft, at 100kts and doing a 360deg turn.
AP is clearly not the answer as it nose-dives :rofl:

The ‘autopilot’ system is just not that sophisticated! That is very slow for this beast and - I imagine - quite difficult to do.

I use OnAir routinely. I don’t know if it’s the same in all the ‘worlds’ - I fly mostly in ‘Cumulus’ and at least there you only have to do the checkride in the aircraft class, so to fly the DC6 it’s ‘Multi Engine Piston Land’. I happen to have the Carenado Seminole and did it in that … pretty easy!

Now qualified, I’m ferrying my DC6 down to South America to do some good old fashioned cargo haulin’ :rofl:

hah, 100 knots is under the final approach speed for the DC-6. On-Air need to fix their checkride.

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I managed to do it but I feel I barely passed. Hand-flew the entire way as gyropilot was a lot more cumbersome with no mapping on the turn knob / climb glide wheel.

For the 100 knots requirement, I went full landing config (flaps 50, gears down). It’s not optimal, but at least it should still be above stall speed (Vso) which is around 80+ iirc.

Agree it has to be done manually. I’ll practise first. Thanks for response and keep up the excellent videos!

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I’m in thunder but yes it works the same I believe. That’s an excellent tip about the PA44. I own it so may try it that way.

PA44 genius idea!

Nice job! Now you are fully ‘qualified’ fire up that beautiful Douglas and go have some fun!

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