DC-6 variables for home cockpits

Hi all, did anybody already have some succes in getting some of the Lvars (or other variables) to link your home cockpit stuff to the DC-6 from PMDG? Would be nice if we could collect a list of variables that might be useful!

In the days that I was using the PMDG DC-6 for FSX, I made these panel screenshots. I gathered that the LVAR’s could be the same in MSFS. So far they are: It took me a while and it’s not complete, but for those who want to use their VRinsight or Saitek panels in combination with Spad.next, I’ve created screenshots of the different DC6 panels on which all useable buttons, switches etc have there variable (LVar) in yellow numbers. The syntax is "DC6_###_OBJ(LVAR) for almost all the assignments you want to make.


I’m busy today and tomorrow to implement them. Hopefully it will work as smooth as in FSX.


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Thx. In the meantime I managed to get a bit further with help from the community. See also this thread for some more info on how to actually implement them: Axis and Ohs: Help and questions - #903 by TFEV1909

Hey @CloggedLamb4293 I think I grabbed your pictures from the PMDG forums. Thank you! … err… you… missed the throttles which I need :wink: I’ve just recently started flying the DC-6 - notice I didn’t say landing. Yeah, haven’t been able to get the throttles configured so landing at 25" Hg hasn’t been quite what we’re looking for yet!

I’m using SPAD.neXt, and Les O’Reilly has the audacity to not have the PMDG DC-6 :rofl: If he did there’d be a 12 part YouTube series on how to set it up!

So far I’ve learned about the whole “ROTOR_BRAKE” thing. Haven’t successfully implemented it, but I discovered that throttle #1 in the DC-6 is “DC6_511_OBJ” - now, I need to figure out how to pass that extra “7” or “8” part with my throttle to affect the throttle in game.