DC Designs F-4 update bug (Version 0.1.3)

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Content Manager offered update for DC Design F-4. I downloaded the update and some weird graphic bug appeared. In he cabin everything looks OK, but outside view of the aircraft consist only of cabin compartment (please see attached screenshot)

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CPU Intel I9; GPU RTX 5080Ti

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After installing SU15, when offered the update to F/4

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Any idea how to fix it ?

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I’m not an expert by any means, but when I’ve seen something like that it means there’s an issue with the livery. If you’re using a custom livery from fs.to for example, check for an update. If you’re using a default livery then you might want to reinstall. If none of that helps you’ll likely need to open a support ticket with DC Designs.

Topic moved to Install, Performance & Graphics as this involves a 3rd Party aircraft.

The screenshot was made using original livery (Blue Angels), which was bought with the aircraft from MSFS Market Place

Do you happen to have the DC Designs weapons patch from flightsim.to installed? I’ve been told that could be the reason why, and to fix it either delete the weapons patch, or wait for an updated version of the weapons patch.

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