DC Designs P61 Black Widow

Can anyone give some insight as rto when this aircraft will be available.

Many thanks

I just checked their Facebook page, and I haven’t seen anything about it since late August.

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Obscure aircraft… ahead of its time. Only 700 some odd were produced. Always liked them as a kid, sort of like what the offspring of a B-25 and a P-38 might look like.



Given it’s an FSX port, there’s too much broken still in MSFS, especially regarding gauges and animations. I don’t remember if the said if they are converting the gauges to native MSFS. I wouldn’t expect a release till spring, maybe a couple of weeks before that. And it may take longer.


The Monogram model was pure sex


Yep, I had that one too, from back in the days where the smell of Testor glue and Revell paint was as close to a flight simulator as one could get!


Hi all, the freeware P-61 is underway - it’s a full re-model ( I know some devs say this but don’t really mean it, but this is the real deal ) with 3D gauges, brand new textures, the whole show, and this time will be the more popular P-61B., The reason is that I would like it to also be donation ware, with all proceeds going to the Mid-Atlantic-Air-Museum’s P-61B restoration project.

No launch date for it I’m afraid, but sometime toward the end of this year is a reasonable target I think.


Good luck, that’s a great project !

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Dean, you just made my day! One of the most awesome aircraft ever made, and you’re bringing it to MSFS! and a P-61B as well, just wonderful!
Let me know if you want me to do a few paintschemes for it, anything for the good cause!

Here’s a few pics of your P-61C in P3D, I may need to import that into MSFS in anticipation…



Anything you could do textures-wise would be hugely appreciated! The airplane’s not quite ready yet but as soon as it is I’d be more than happy to send you a copy with the UV maps etc for the external surfaces :+1:


Looking forward to it with anticipation

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Is this nearing completion, this one’s progress has been quiet from what I’ve been able to see.

Totally held up by all the sim update shennanigans. It’s a background project and freeware / donationware so I’m afraid it’ll be ready when it’s ready, there are no date projections at this time.


Is there a specific place to donate?

P61 donations

I’ll be including direct links in the airplane when it’s released.


Looking forward to this one!
Anything you can share on progress?

Not at this time, but work will resume in the summer now, keen to do the work it’s just been a very busy period with the chaos caused by SU9.

Is there any chance of this coming to Xbox ever? I’d have no problem paying full DC price knowing proceeds (after MS gets their Marketplace cut) go to charity.

I intend it to be for all platforms, Xbox included, and will be talking to Microsoft nearer the time to make that happen. The P-61 will be freeware, with an option to donate to the MAAM P-61 restoration project.


Awesome. Take your time!