DC Fly over Election night?

Any one interested in combing the skies of DC with me in honour of the American Election on Tuesday?

Thinking a 1700h - 1900h EST small GA swarm over DC.

I am new here so not sure how this works, however a nice swarm over DC could be fun. We get the sunset.


If you are going to do this, I suggest this pack:

Removes the ugly office buildings in the default.

The National Mall is going to be the busiest runway in MSFS tomorrow :smile:

Don’t know what my schedule is yet but name a time, server, and airport and I’ll try to make it. The Washington DC landmarks pack in the marketplace is very good.

The landmarks pack that Nerbulus mentions is very well done and includes most of the major landmarks around the mall area. The only major building that seems to be missing is the vice president’s offices in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building next to the White House. Best of all the price is right, it is absolutely free. There are also additional packages that go with it that include a redone Ronald Reagan National Airport and one for Dulles International Airport that includes the National Air And Space Museum’s Udvar-Hazy Center, both available on the same site. I would recommend these packages to go with it. A flyover of Washington D.C. sounds like a great idea for election day tomorrow evening.

I’ll join. Just need to know what server and a confirmation on the time.

I play through game pass so I dont know how to set a server. Can you help?

I don’t know what game pass is. But when you are in MSFS world map or pause by pushing Esc, if you click your name in the upper right corner, you should see a drop down list to choose a server.

Some hints for a Fly-In:
I’d suggest to pick a server that is matching the event area so you’ll have others flying in the area who could join in.
So the “East USA” would be the best.
Remember that everyone should set to “All Players” instead of “Multiplayer” in the setting (World Map, top-right corner where the weather is, on the top left the toption “All Players” should be chosen) so that people who want to have a more “sim”-like experience are not bothered with such events.

Also the official Discord could be used for voice communication (not sure who opens the channels there though).

To track aircraft during the event, the tool https://events.flighttracker.tech/ could be used. If you press the “Join” Button on top-right you can download the client which will show your aircraft on the map and you can see others on the map who also run the client.

A common weather preset and time is best if you want to have a common experience.
Since DC is quite sunny now, setting both to Live should be fine.

I suggest you pick all the right data that you want to have during your event and put all of them into your opening post so everyone knows what to set up.
If there’s a flight plan or some general hints on where to meet or where to fly, please also include that so everyone is aware.


I’ll join!