DC to Philly and NYC, airmail style

This was a flight loosely based on the DC to NYC airmail route of 1918. I flew a Savage Cub in low visibility conditions, hoping to follow the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, I-95, and New Jersey Turnpike since these highways connect major cities on the east coast. This was a fun exercise, I’ve driven the route a few times IRL and am honestly impressed at how much seemed familiar to me in the sim.

Flying over Washington DC from the direction of West Potomac Park, which was the first airfield used for DC to NYC airmail. Regular airmail service would actually use College Park airport in Maryland, a few miles from here. It is the oldest continuously operating airport in the world.

I lost track of the the BW Parkway due to low visibility shortly before Baltimore, but luckily Baltimore harbor was in view as soon as I cleared through clouds and I soon picked up I-95. The funky looking building is National Aquarium in Baltimore.

Passing downtown Philly

Refueling stop at KPNE, near the original site of Bustleton airfield.

Onward to NYC! I lost the route again but stayed on a roughly northeasterly course until I found the New Jersey Turnpike, with skyscrapers of NYC already visible in the distance. New York City’s skyline is unmistakable.

Belmont Park was used as the original landing field for the NYC airmail stop.

Flight completed at KJFK.