DCS VR vs Microsoft 2020 VR performance

DCS VR vs Microsoft 2020 VR

Whiners can be found in any community.
This is not a whine, but an observation.

I have a substantial gaming rig, with RTX 2080 T1 etc etc.
Pimax 5k+

RL pilot for 47 years, gamer pilot for 35+ years.

Built large scale cockpit sims until I discovered VR. WILL NEVER GO BACK.

My Pimax 5k+ is set up using Pimax tools and software all updated, and there ARE NO SETTINGS CHANGES WHEN JUMPING FROM DCS TO MSFS 2020.


I fly DCS.
The Russian programmers make an OLD operating platform, only 1 cpu for game 1 cpu for sound and make all VR work SEAMLESSLY, CLEARLY, without any difficulty. REGARDLESS OF WHAT VR HEADSET YOU USE.

Images are crystal clear, and you are IN the cockpit.

Jump to MSFS 2020 WITH ALL THEIR VAST RESOURCES, and they can’t make it work!

I am a pilot.

I paid for a working SIMULATION, not a toy game where I can sit begind the aircraft and watch the pretty clouds fly by.

NEVER in my flying career or sim experience have I done that.

If you want a flat screen, with pretty camera angles, good for you.
That is NOT what I paid for.

MSFS 2020 has all these elaborate online what we are going to do next conferences… how bout just ONE plane with working navigation system.

It it were not for working title, we would not even have that.

Since purchase, I have had 2 major problems with MSFS 2020.

CTD, CTD, CTD, CTD on and on and on. Took over 6 months to FIX MSFS 2020.

DCS meantime, works flawlessly, as does x-plane 11.

I left MSFS 2020 about 7-8 months ago, just returned and updated, only to find THEY ARE NO FURTHER ALONG WITH VR.

And from what I read, that last 2 months the community itself solved a much needed clarity issue in VR only to be blown up by MSFS 2020 update SU5 and hotfix.


The second problem is MSFS 2020 did not want VR to begin with, that is very evident.

The VR section is completely devoid of ANY MSFS 2020 VR programmers, listening to and interacting with the VR community and our concerns.

So once again I leave MSFS 2020.

Maybe in another year, they might get their act in gear.

MS - I don’t care about your fancy weather system, I care about very clear VR graphics and a working navigation system FOR JUST ONE PLANE

Until MSFS 2020 gets serious about VR, it will always be sub par at the very best.

otherwise, it is just a toy and you were sold the illusion of a simulator.

This is my mileage.
Yours may vary.


Do you need parallel projection in x-plane? Can u recommend the pimax for X-plane too ?

the x under 10900k@5.0Ghz not really… yes PP is needet. For me, OpenGl works better then Vulcan

For VR, i love pointctrl. in FS2020, especially with the new update. Not like two double cursors before, no, now there are dozens and tooltips appear everywhere. Terrific.
(Caution, could contain traces of cynicism!) )

Is it that hard to understand MSFS is a new piece of software that needs to mature? DCS has been on the market for 30+ years, do you remember Flamming Cliff and Lock On?

Remember the first time you flew a real airplane, was it a 737? was an A320? or maybe a 172? Did you make mistakes?

This game is NEW, people need to understand it is new and it is gonna take YEARS to make it good. And Asobo needs to be more sincere and cause less expectations. The relationship between Asobo and the community is not healty, and both parties are to be blamed. They are like two little kids fighting each other, one party wants to sell a hell of a lot of copies prettending they have a fully matured piece of software, and the other party wants a perfect game imposible to build in 2 days.


I can tell you that a manufacturer of WideFOV headsets offered to work together to solve some problems. The answer was “Thanks, but not interested”


I believe this is what you’re talking about:
Pimax answered my question😢

[edit] I’ve updated my post over there with the correct reference:


Yes. Strangely enough, they have the culling problem with no PP on their to-do list. So I don’t really understand the reaction.
But the really annoying problem with the VR cursor also shows that VR is at the bottom for the time being.

Well, we should be glad it works at all.

I have a 2080TI and Vive Pro Gen1 and it hasn’t been this smooth EVER. What are your settings? You may want to fiddle around with the render resolution.

That is so sad. It looks like they have their own plans

MS Soft & Hardware first XBox & WMR

The Pimax use with FS2020 Parallel Projection (need nearly double GPU Performance) or has massive Object Culling without PP. The second way gives also a smooth fly (for me round 40FPS+/-), but not really immersive for some users.

Ahh, interesting and new info to me. Thank you for the info.

Sorry for your struggles OP.

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I had a flawless VR session just yesterday. I use a RTX 2080s.
I did not tweak any settings for VR I just fly.

I use the HTC Vive pro and some Logitech yoke and rudders. no problems so far.

Can I ask what’s you CPU?, I have a 2080 ti and am struggling to notice an improvement albeit with my dated i7700k OC to 4.8 and XMP 3200 memory.

Intel Core i7-9700K

Speak for yourself. I have a decent gaming rig too, and for me DCS runs like absolute ■■■■■ while not looking anywhere near as good as MSFS. I can’t even enjoy the Hind I paid good money for, because flying a chopper with a detailed cockpit at low level is a vomit-inducing stutter-fest. The only time that sim runs smoothly is when I’m so high up that the terrain is just textures rather than objects. In contrast, I can do aerobatics over my home city at low level in MSFS with only minor hiccups in framerate. Also, I have not had any CTDs whatsoever since the hotfix.

The reality is that there are plenty of people getting decent performance and a relatively problem-free experience in MSFS, just as there are plenty of people getting the same thing from DCS. There are also plenty of people getting rubbish performance and constant issues in MSFS, just as there are plenty of people getting the same in DCS. In other words, one person’s experience does not speak for everyone that plays any sim.

I also think that expecting a year-old simulator to be on the same level as one that has been around for 15 years or so is pretty unrealistic. Adding VR to such a developed and stable foundation which is undergoing only relatively minor patches is not the same as adding VR to a foundation still under constant and major development. A great example is the fact that modders… not even official paid developers… have successfully added VR to ancient sims such as GTR 2 and Automobilista.

As others have tried pointing out constantly on these forums, nearly every major sim currently in existence was bug-ridden garbage for at least a couple of years after initial release. Some still are years later. It takes time for a sim to mature into anything resembling a trouble-free experience for the end-user, and anyone who wants that should probably have waited at least a couple of years before purchasing. I’m not saying it’s “right” or “ideal”, but it is what it is.


@ Goffiik thats sound not good. :frowning: which system /HMD and settings do use?
i have 55-65FPS on Ground and 80-90 in the Air with pi8kx - (without reprojection)
45 on ground and 65 in the air with hp reverb/odyssey+. Wmr is a little bit weak compared other hmds.

I read these entries and pop popcorn down my gullet. Where in our history have we ever had such dedicated developers working to make sims as great as this? It’s been a little rocky ride, but millions all on different systems, all I see are miracles… Having said that, this sim is not far short of an advantage with a high amount of development, brilliant adaptation and a lot more investment. It’s a ten-year project and beyond. As for VR, it’s not at critical mass yet, probably 10% fly in VR and growing, ASOBO realise that so what we have been given now is pretty good. The WORK one has to do to get XP ANYWHERE NEAR THIS IS is huge, and DCS…well you pretty much need to be a pilot to actually fly it… So let’s step down a notch or two and let ASOBO CONTINUE TO DO WHAT THEY DO BEST. When these issues are fixed you’ll have your jaw dropping every flight!


öhhm, there are quite a few.
Just because the technology of the past could not show such colorful pictures as it is today, the effort for the devs was equivalent, sometimes even higher. And honestly, apart from nice colorful pictures, at time the FS can’t offer much that is new.

Not like this team… That’s clear. I’m running a 1080 gpu and it’s amazing what they’ve achieved. I think your issue is that you’ve invested so much in hardware and dissatisfied with the result. Patience my friend, your time will come.

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