Dead zone around lake Geneva

`When I fly into a zone between Geneva (LSGG) an Sion (LSGS) an immediate crash to desktop is caused

Do you have any add on sceneries installed?

As @TheSevenflyer said. Just flew a GPS direct route between them without any issues. Any specific area where you have the issue?

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If you have Matterhorn mod installed…remove It.

In the aerea, I have installed Sion (LSGS)

Thanks for the reply. I found out thar the area wirh issue is around the Lausanne Airport (LSGL) and the wayppoint MOLUS 46°26’ 38.00N / 006° 40’ 33.00 E

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Had also CTD with Sion from Redwing. But it was a complication between Sion and other freeware scenery.

I had a similar issue. On a flight from LFSB to LOWI I had a CTD in the area around Liechtenstein. This happened twice in the same location. I then uninstalled the Italian mesh mod, repeated the flight and had no problems anymore. I haven‘t tried the mod since so I cannot guarantee that this was the conflicting scenery but it‘s possible.

I would remove the scenery and retry, to see if it is in that scenery.
I had a similar scenery related CTD last evening with a CYOW airport mod I had installed.
Worked fine until I was leaving it’s immediate area, than CTD, tried again, same thing.
Removed airport mod, all worked fine.

Thank you so much for the hint. I uninstalled the Sion airport mod and everything works fine.

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