Debloat nvidia and gain FPS

found this video that was posted about a month ago with some suggestions to de-bloat nvidia drivers and gain FPS and thought I’d share it. I haven’t tried it yet, but plan to in the next few days. The people in the comments all seem to indicate it works like a charm. Seems to indicate better performance in both regular and VR.

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I basically just install the driver without that GeForce Experience bloatware.


This and leave out the audio drivers if you aren’t using them.

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anyone who gained FPS?

Just installing the driver without Geforce experience is not enough. I can confirm debloated install indeed does produce a very noticable performance increase all over, however for me personally it comes with a hefty price since i find that the geforce experience overlay is extremelly useful for putting filters over games. Especially the sharpening and color filters. You can make the games that support the feature look SO much better that way. And since i’m also playing things like Elden ring, i had to sacrifice the performance benefit of the debloated driver to be able to use the overlay.

Yes, but you have to choose - Flight Sim or other games
I am very exited about people who report higher FPS (believing the youtube comments about 75% fps increase)

I suggest you keep it real. 75% increase is definitely not happening. It’s hard to say exactly what to expect as i can only tell from my experience and i haven’t measured the difference either but from the top of my head i would guess the increase is closer to somewhere between 10-20%.

I use DDU in safe mode plus on the options page at the bottom you can select to stop windows from updating so you don’t need to stop your internet connection. You can also select other option on that page like removing unnecessary things.

The install the nvidia drivers selecting custom (driver, physx, audio HD).

Afterwards, finetune nvidia control panel settings.

I have tried using the extra step using NVCleanstall and this does not add ANY performance. It’s a waste of time imho. Some may like that it gets rid of telemetry but I personally don’t see the point and it certainly does not add performance doing so.

Up to you to decide whether or not to include the NVCleanstall process. Just keep in mind that if you do use it there is always a chance that it will not play well with later nvidia and win10/11 updates.

Like many YouTube vids, it’s a little overhyped imho.

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Milage may vary

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Ya, always the case, lol!

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I did this a few weeks ago and had no performance increase at all. But I didn’t have GeForce Experience installed to begin with.

In the vid he says check task manager to see how many Nvidia containers you have open. I had 2. After following the instructions, I still had 2… Not sure what he is trying to get at

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He was trying to get to what you already had :smiley:

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Lol. Yeah thats what i expected, but all i had to do to achieve that is NOT install GF Experience

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Some weeks ago I did this, although I didn´t have Geforce installed either, and I do not remember a gain in performance, the subsequent Nvidia drivers I installed normally, I have to test it again.


It appears to have got me up to a usable 35fps when I was struggling to get 30fps before.

Defenitely a much smoother experience with the debloated setup. My guess is that if you have a very beefy stystem, you won’t notice much, but for me with a less spectacular setup, I defenitely gained like 10-15 fps. This together with the XR toolkit makes it quite enjoyable.

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