Decal template for UV Map template

Anyone have or know how to obtain the layout that the uses, that I could overlay on a regular UV map as a guide for painting?

I’m trying to paint the TBM 930; however there’s a lot of unpredictable warping on the nose area especially port side forward of the pilot’s door. I was trying to duplicate some of the striping the is mapped to… (can’t use it because I’m wanting to modify them after passing over the wing)… but although I’ve got smooth curves on my UV Map, the result forward of the pilot’s door look like a random wavy line. I’ve tried compensating by adding curves and bumps in the stripe in the opposite direction of my UV map to try to compensate, but after spending several hours, I just can’t get it to look correct in the end… If I could use part of the decal template to trace from, I figure I should be able to get clean sweeping lines in the nose section.