December 14th, 2023 Development Update Blog Discussion

Check out the latest Development Update here:

Please use this thread for feedback and discussion. Thank you!


Thanks to the Marketplace team for getting the latest PMDG 737 and FSReborn updates out double-quick!


Sad to see the news about Anton. Thanks for that blog post about him though, nice to learn a bit about him.


Glad to see the FSR500 update and the Boris 152 sound pack!

Sad to hear about Anton, may we all continue his legacy and passion with every flight!

Kindly requesting to revert Helicopter Dynamics back to pre SU14.

The new update has created some serious issues with the Bell 407 and other helicopters based on its Flight Dynamics. The start up on the Bell has many new bugs, and worse the flight has been tainted with the release of SU14. A hot fix would be more than appreciated. These issues were not prevalent before last week.

I would also kindly ask that in the future the dev teams stop releasing Updates in the end of Q4. With the holidays and time off, we won’t see fixes until mid to end Q1. The same types of update issues happened last year and weren’t resolved until Feb/March.
I would have liked to enjoy the sim during my time off, but now I am struggling with the buggy helicopter dynamics introduced last week with SU14. Maybe, pad the end of the year with time to clean up the sim, and not introduce new bugs and say Au Revoir, off to Holiday, see you next year.

Nonetheless, Cheers to another fabulous year! The sim is still breathtaking in so many ways. :clinking_glasses:


My feelings also. Cheers.

Happy holidays to the team and everyone here on this forum :slight_smile: It’s been one crazy and awesome year in this community, can’t wait to see what follows next year! :christmas_tree:


Thank you for the writing about Anton, to honour and memorize him. I’ve been enjoying his work such as the Kyiv landmarks and indirectly with his contributions to the Odessa airport, RIP :cry:


RIP Anton. Obviously I didn’t know you personally, but I can only imagine what courage it took to fight for your country!


So is there a marketplace update this week? (21st)

“There will be a regular Marketplace update next week on December 21 but not the following week on December 28”.


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