December 2020 vs. December 2021

I have started to play with Flight Simulator mid of December 2020 after I had purchased a new computer. I haven’t had major issues but after one year I have the impression that the game is now worst for many aspects compared to when I started to play. yes, there are more contents, yes, the world updates are nice but in terms of gaming I don’t see any improvement to be honest. Graphic and photogrammetry seems worst, ATC is still the same, several minor issues are still there since day one and the planes without the MODs would be the same basic models of one year ago. Without mentioning the stutters after SU7 and the recent mess with the graphic driver…ok, the latter is not a SIM fault. Maybe is that I don’t play VR but honestly I cannot see any major improvement in the game I’m playing since one year. I mean we had seven SIM updates and I barely tell you what’s the difference…am I too pessimist?


Load times have improved SIGNIFICANTLY since launch. Get a VR headset it’s a game changer. I’m honestly impressed with the progress the devs have made in just a year. Considering many video games are releasing in such a poor state and never being fixed, the MSFS devs are probably the best in the industry right now.


I embrace the mods, and they make the sim I purchased better. There no reason to discount them in this analysis.

Mods have provided me with fantastic representations of the A320NX and CJ4. Avionics support from Working Title on the G1000 NXi and G3000 are excellent. Cool scenery add ons are everywhere. Liveries abound. The recent Carrier Ops package for the F/A-18 mod is really fun. is packed with interesting things.

And these are just the free ones, which blows my mind. Some of the paid mods look great if those are your thing. The F-104 seems like the real deal in particular.

I also haven’t explored 99.9% of the locations available throughout the world. So much more to explore.

There are many other things brought in since launch, too, that I don’t even use. The VR crowd is one.

They’ve announced plans to redo ATC, which is great. And when it comes, that will be free, too. They’re entrusting Working Title, which bodes well for us.

And, SU8 is targeted for massive bug fixes only.

I think things are pretty amazing, if I say so myself.


Don’t agree. There are significant improvements:

  • faster loading times
  • fewer CTDs
  • spikes removed
  • better draw distance
  • performance increase
  • dozens of small fixes to aircraft, flight models, systems etc.

Also I see the content as an improvement as well. Better DEM mesh makes VFR flying much more realistic etc.

That’s just from the top of my head. Have to dive into old release notes. There’s surely more I don’t remember and now already take for granted …


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