Decimal NDB in Cessna 152

Congrats on the Xbox release, I’m excited to finally play FS2020! Just wondered is there a way to tune a decimal NDB in the C152 or is it a bug that we can’t just use the nearest frequency? I’m trying to practise some IR procedures at Southend UK, 362.5. In the real world we just use 362?

Thanks in advanced

Navigraph shows Southend NDB as 363.

Yes, tried this as well. Tried the Westcott NBD 335 without issue to test the theory and that worked no issue.

Ok, for anyone who comes across this I managed to find a work around by assigning a keyboard shortcut to “Increase ADF (0.1)”. Allows me to bring in the .5.

Still would be nice if this could be fixed to work with the nearest whole number, but at least I can practise now!

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