Deck Stream for Tablet (Android or iOS)?

AFAIK there is one for Android called “MFSF Mobile Companion App”. Tbh i am not to clear about the costs for the full version. It seems its round about 5€ which would be really ok.
I am looking for a deck stream to control things like AP. At it seems that the mobile companion is somehow restricted to only some aircraft.
Are there other apps or projects and what are your experiences with them?
Or is it better to buy the hardware from Elgato which is quite expensive.
Is this the same mobile companion as above?
Since i am new to this special topic its a little bit confusing. Thx for your efforts :+1:

P.S. I know there are some thread that are a little bit similar but this is more general

Check this out, it’s a working web app and has a lot of features. But it is more expensive.

4FlightSims - SkyElite MSFS | Aerosoft Shop

SkyElite for MFS 2020 (


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