Declare Emergency

Oh don’t worry, I’m sure we all do it at some point! I was flying the Neo the other day wondering why the speed wasn’t going above 240 knotts, and it was for exactly the same reason :smiley:

I did exactly this and it seemed like a wonderful landing, except I could not move after stopping! :rofl: The poor controller also didn’t notice I had not pulled the landing gear down and kept asking to exit at the next taxiway (actually, it says it even when the “next” taxiway is behind you).
Besides this, I just flied with the PFD broken and could not declare emergency.

Most of my sim flights I use ‘7700’.
All of my planes have ‘SQK7700’ on their tail.
No effect so far…?

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OK, so it happened. Went flyinh in the G36 Bonanza (IP) and after 10 minutes decided the weather was dog, so I’m going home. All going well till, Downwind, gear selected down, the travel light stayed on and no locked down indications!

What should I do? From my engineering experience, I should request a fly-by the tower and have the gear inspected and go from there. What you don’t do is cycle the gear!

So, I popped outside and had a look myself. All seemed OK from underneath. So I stayed outside - and recycled the gear. Went up and down seemingly OK, so I proceeded with the circuit and landed as gently as I could, taxied off the runway and, as if by magic - 3 greens on, travel light off.

It would be nice to be able to select from a drop down list of emergencies and at least acknowledge that something is amiss, but I do realise that it probably isn’t quite as simple as that.

What options would the VATSIM users have?