Declare Emergency

The ability to declare an emergency due to a failure and request a return to the field, emergency decent, or vectors to the nearest field.

Second this-would certainly come in handy when there’s a failure or problem with the aircraft.


I changed my transponder to 7600 and 7700 to test this, ATC cancelled my flight following stating something like ‘there appears to be a malfunction with your transponder’.

I’d like to see;

  • If you have 7600 set, any airport you approach has the instructional lighting from the tower.
  • 7700 set, a list of nearest airports is shown, you select the airport and ATC vectors you to it for immediate landing.

I know I’m dreaming… but you have my vote :+1:t2:


I agree. The ATC in general needs an overhaul.


7500 handled accordingly (ai fighters ■■■■■■ player aircraft and related ATC interjections as required), 7600 handled accordingly, 7700 handled accordingly via ATC and nearest available airport suitable for aircraft landing type. AI airport emergency vehicles to player controlled plane.

PS - why is the word esc@rt blocked out?


The ATC cannot do basic things at the moment so I would leave emergencies for a far future.


Interesting, but there are also drawbacks in MP, many pilots around an airport could declare emergency, creating caos. In such scenarios it’s better using IVAO/VatSim/etc. with real controllers…

I’d definitely prefer it that if anyone squawked 7500 in the sim, and AI fighters did come, that no one else would be able to see the fighters, as the skies would be cluttered with them.

I would be nice if your plane is on fire to let ATC know and then they can let you land on any runway you want.

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One question though: how to avoid every Tom, ■■■■ and Harry declaring an emergency to get landing priority.

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It would be nice to be able to declare an emergency/pan pan to ATC when simulating a failure of the aircraft.


It’s not even just intentionally simulating an emergency, I have had unexpected avionics shutdowns, icing without going through clouds, inability to switch fuel tanks, that forced emergency landings through glitches in the software.

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In the dev mode of a32nx you have all the atc menu and it has all the settings etc for a mayday, pan pan or a deviation for weather or aircraft problem so hopefully it’ll be brought in soon

Please add a “Mayday” option to ATC, in case of engine failer, etc.


Would probably have to be a group only feature, but there may be other ways of doing it.

Can we please have ATC detect if there’s an emergency on the runway, and/or an option to request emergency crews to assist that puts the plane back to a usable state without leaving the current session?

I got stuck on the runway and couldn’t do anything except quit my current session, whereas I’d have liked to have stayed at the airport where I was without quitting… :smiley:

Are you on Steam or Microsoft Store version?
Microsoft Store Version

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?
Non-developer mode

Brief description of the issue:
Today, I (successfully) landed at KSFO, with realism on but forgot to drop the landing gear on approach! This left a stranded plane on the runway with no-where to go, and no assistance.

Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered:

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

  • On approach to airport, do not deploy the landing gear
  • Land the plane successfully on its belly
  • (Optional: Wonder to yourself why the gear sounds like it’s scraping badly, and the plane isn’t slowing nicely)
  • Repeatedly get told by ATC to turn off at the next taxiway

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:

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This would be very nice, and I would be very happy to have this in place. If I get a failure mid-flight while flying IFR, my best option at the moment is to just finish my flight as if nothing happened, which is not how emergencies should be handled.

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You might be able to use the slew keys to move the airplane up, drop the gear, or at least scoot it off the runway. I’d have to try it/

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That sounds like a potential workaround to me!

I’ll have to try and get slew attached to the controller in a way that doesn’t upset anything else I am using… thanks for the suggestion (although hopefully I won’t need it again!)

After they give you your virtual license back? I fly the Carvan or Kodiak mostly and have to keep reminding myself to put the gear up when flying a retractable. Flew a CJ4 100 miles once wondering what was up with the speed (gear still down)

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