Squawk Codes 7500, 7600, 7700

So you put these squawk codes and nothing happens. You just chill and keep cruising with emergency squawk codes.
Would be fun if this was simulated too!

Fun in 7500?


I mean don’t you think it should be simulated like IRL

And what would you expect to happen?

E.g. if you sqawk 7700, without any further info for ATC thay can’t do anything.
Let alone with 7600 :wink:

Yeah, not much you can really simulate with this unless they incorporate emergencies into ATC. Also turning ELT on doesn’t broadcast the alert to 121.5 :frowning:

Hi there,
There’s a Wishlist topic for 7700, if interested:

I think it would be cool to squawk 7600 and get light gun signals from the tower.

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Would be wild if the codes were squawked and the screen goes black with a short random synopsis of “what happened,” like a documentary. Then you go to your profile and everything is reset because your career either ended or worse, you as a hostage, died. It’s grim, but would definitely add that “wow factor.”


I have seen a couple of MSFS planes broadcasting the ELT tone in the cockpit? Unfortunately not on 121.500 indeed, you can always hear it, 121.500 active or not :thinking:.

And all of that is initiated by accidentally punching one of the special purpose codes into the transponder? :smirk::joy:

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Lol right? On second thought, imagine the people trying to get their profile progress and hours restored after accidentally punching in a wrong squawk code, oh man.

I have slightly edited the title of this topic to make what it is about clearer without needing to open the topic

Thanks for your understanding

Also monitoring 121.5 doesn’t result in a bunch of grown men making cat sounds at each other.


Or screaming “YOU’RE ON GUARD YOU KNOW!”

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If you squawk an emergency code, the least you should be able to expect is a military fighter escort :grinning:

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The ELT beacon also can’t be heard in the cockpit normally if you test it or turn it on, just a light. That’s the sound you get when you tune to 121.5 and a beacon is in range. It could be yours, or someone elses. Also ships etc can have it tripped so it is something you do hear a few times a year.

Completely unrealistic if that’s not modelled! :rofl:


Some have a buzzer on the unit itself also.

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