I extracted the Flight Plan for the Portugal Bush Trip so I could fly it using my choice of plane, time, and weather.

Rather than a series of posts for each leg, I just took the whole trip in a few chunks. two to three at the most - unfortunately I’m short on time these days. I’ll just post a series of select images culled to show some of the more significant things I saw on the way.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t taken the Bush Trip and want to do so on your own, I recommend not reading this thread any further past this post. You will see landmarks, checkpoints and tips that will likely make your own execution of the journey less fulfilling.

For the rest of the folks who don’t have the time or patience to sit through the journey and want to see what’s in it, this thread is partly for you.

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SEGMENT 2 - author note; it’s hard to cull here because Lisboa (Lisbon) is an enormous Photogrammetery Area - if you take the trip on your own, do yourself a favor and land at LPPT (LIsbon International) and take the drone for an aerial tour. Pro Tip - hold down F6 for about ten seconds to increase the drone translation speed - you will now be speeding around. There is so much detail captured in the city. You will miss it all just doing a flyover in the Bush Trip.

One thing I have to say about World Update 8 in general is so far, the improvements in Water Masking, especially in inland/coastal areas (as opposed to island chain etc) is well done. I see a lot of it and it really is beautiful. It was also fun poking around Faro Airport, as even the Control Tower interior was explorable, and you could see into the terminal for finished details like seats etc.

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