Dedicated Drive?

Please excuse, but I’m totally confused. I want to place everything, or at least as much as possible, on a dedicated 1TB SSD. It seems MSFS wants to install everything on my C: drive which has a limited capacity. Would someone please explain the file structure and get me started on this. Also, for some reason, all Regions downloaded and have taken up nearly all of the 1TB. I’ve deleted them but am totally lost. Thanks!!!

You can move the install to another drive without having to reinstall. Windows 10 has a feature to move a particular store app to another drive or you can setup a default for all apps to go to that drive. If you uninstall/reinstall, it does give you the option to install on another drive.

What version did you buy? MS Store, XBOX Live or Steam? Steam might be different, someone else can chime in on that. I know that Steam does have an option to move any games after it’s been installed, but not sure about MSFS on it.

I have installed mine on a dedicated SSD drive, before I installed it first time, I changed the setting in Windows > Storage > Change where new content > New Apps is saved and pointed it to the SSD I wanted it on.

I do have the Store version though. Maybe different with Steam.

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I bought a 500gb ssd solely for fs2020 and most of the files installed on it with some on the c: drive. Installed from DVDs. No problems.

I have the Microsoft Store version.

With the MS Store version, it does give you the option to install on a different drive.

The way it works, some files (about 1GB) will be installed while on the MS Store page. Then, the actual sim will start, and you will be given the option to install to a different folder where it will download the bulk of the program.

Be advised to choose a shorter path name than what is offered as default, or you may incur in the “file name too long for the destination folder” error when installing addons in the community folder.

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If you want to move it, go to WIndows 10 settings, Apps, select MSFS. There’s a “Move” button there.

You may first want to create a folder on the drive to put it in, like what @Giannino2 pointed out. Like: MSFS

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Steam lets us pick a “Steam Library” to install to, so yeah with a Steam Library set on my M.2, MSFS gets put there. But it’s just the part that Steam installs.

There’s also the second step inside MSFS where you pick a folder to put your downloaded content, for which I made a “F:\MSFS” folder on my M.2 to put all the content. Inside that, MSFS made the “Packages” folder containing “Community” and “Official” folder trees. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat: