Default C172 G1000 Autopilot aileron oscillation problem (video included)

Thanks, I’ll look for some of these with CFD and AP to test tomorrow.

This is not controller issues.
Very easy to reproduce.
Try this -

  2. Set heading with heading bug - other than current heading.
  3. Select HDG MODE

See what happens and let us know. Thanks

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I can’t offer you any assistance or extra information at this time because I don’t have access to my PC for awhile, but I am having the same problem with my 172 as you. I am not on the beta, use Dx11 and Win 11. When I shut off the AP, the plane is steady as a rock, turn the AP back on and the rocking motion resumes. I think this began with SU 11, and has something to do with the CFD feature. Hope letting you know you’re not the only one with this issue in the 172 helps.

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This happened to me several times with the 172/G1000, I have stopped using it. I assumed problems with the software. It is tiring to report every little problem in the sim, so you wait until they do a major fix. Quality control should detect problems like this, specially when the blade dynamics are switched to a new method. But QC concepts are not Asobos 'strenghts, so you jump into another aircraft that does not have the problem…until you find something else, and the adventure continues…

Glad more people are coming forward confirming this issue. The 172 is one of the planes I fly most frequently, and it’s frustrating you can’t use the AP correctly.

If you have this problem, remember to upvote it so it gets noticed and hopefully they will fix it soon.


  • I tested the DA40 today, no issues.

The stock plane, or the improvement mod? I think stock does not have CFD, but the improvement mod does.

Just stock. Never used the mod.

The plane always shakes unless you turn off autopilot which defeats the purpose of using the plane to follow a flight plan.

@CasualClick Why is this logged as just a “feedback” and not a BUG? Is there a difference? Will it get to the backlog of things to be fixed?

This is definitely a game breaking bug making it impossible to properly fly the C172 with autopilot.


Mod Team doesn’t control status, Dev Team does. If they can repro the issue independently (and that’s not the only condition but it is vital), then it might change to Bug Logged.