Default classic msfs dc-3 liveries to retro liveries

Is there any way to do this? I like most of the classic liveries of the DC-3, but want to know if you can switch them over to the retrofit plane?

Thank you


I would love to have that option. For ex. I like the one in white and black but it has classic style navigation.

Also looking to figure this out and cannot. I am trying to change one of the defaults from classic to retrofit. I’ve pulled the panel folder in from a retrofit livery, updated the aircraft file, and also pulled in the systems.cfg from a retrofit livery and rebuilt the layout.json but it stubbornly keeps the classic panel.

It’s odd, this implementation. Every other aircraft with re-configurable navigational systems seem to have it switchable within the model itself, rather than tying the navigational systems to the liveries.

This seems like a weird way to do things and hamstrings the livery producers, too.

It would be really nice if there were some sort of standardization practices that the developers all followed, within reason.

Let me know if anyone can figure this out! I would really appreciate it!