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Hello :wave:t2:, i just switched my cockpit camera from “close” to “wide angle” the problem is that when i reset the cockpit camera i get this:

So i decided to make my custom camera like this:

How i can make when i reset my cockpit camera view to not go all the way up

TIA :slightly_smiling_face:

In the General Options, Camera, are Height, Horizontal Position, and Zoom.
You can use those to set your view.

Yea, i use those options as well but i want to use the wide angle cockpit camera, but when i press F to reset my cockpit view it looks like photo #1 and i want to look like photo #2, is possible to make that?

Yes, you can save a cockpit cockpit view.
The commands are in the Control Options, under Cockpit Camera!

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I’ll try, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Check this link out: How to Change Default Cockpit Camera Views - MSFS (2020) Tips and Tricks Forum - The AVSIM Community

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Nice! This is what I was looking for! Thanks for help :smiley:

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